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What Does a Proofreader Do Exactly?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

It has been very reassuring that so many of my friends and colleagues have shown an interest in my new website and services here in Cumbria, and further afield in the North West. One of the worries when you set up a new venture, is that it will go unnoticed and that you will be left scratching your head, thinking “how can I attract more interest?”.

What I did not expect, was that there could be confusion about the services I offer. The translation and teaching speak for themselves of course, but I have had many a friend ask me “What does a proofreader do exactly?”. In essence, a proofreader will check texts for formatting errors, British – American spelling confusion, text inconsistencies, typographical errors such as spelling and punctuation, grammatical mistakes, or idiom used incorrectly.

Once I have explained the difference to those enquiring, there is often still some confusion over how these services can be beneficial to those local to me. There is an assumption that I only offer these services to translation clients often ‘as an added extra’. This is not the case. I think it is vitally important to be of use to the community where I live and work, not just to clients in the North of England or abroad. Proofreading can be used for many of the integral businesses that are found in and around Cumbria. If you are a new start-up business specialising in floristry, a grocer who has just had to expand their online business to deal with the new COVID-19 demands, a hotel wishing to develop a website, or even a professional looking to update their CV or personal statement; then proofreading could be for you.

When creating a business persona, it is essential to take the time to ensure that your public and online presence matches up to the quality of the goods and services that you provide. Readers can be keen to point out mistakes and might question your professional integrity. We are all far more likely to trust and have confidence in the services being offered in a brochure, business document, or website that is not littered with typos and grammatical mistakes.

So, what is the cost of such a service? I offer a no-obligation quotation to ensure that you know exactly what to expect before you sign on. The price will depend on the type of material (social media content, website, etc.), the urgency of the project, and the length of text. It will not be as expensive as you might think, and the end result will make it money well spent.

I am so excited to be in my dream job. Please let me bring some of this passion and enthusiasm to your next project so that you can take your business to the next level and have the confidence to shout about what you do best!

Who will you choose for your next project?

If you have questions about any of the above or you’d like to speak to a someone who can help you with translation (Russian, German, or Dutch), localisation, or you need a native English proofreader/copywriter, then please see my services here or get in touch today.

I promise to help you find the right solution for your project every time.

Marjolein, The Native Crowd

Russian, German, Dutch Translation

Cumbria, North West, UK

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