Welcome to my portfolio

I have been lucky enough to support some truly inspiring companies in my areas of specialisation. Explore my portfolio to get a feel for how I can help you with your next project.

Specialising in:

Business - Management Consulting - Manufacturing - Marketing - SEO - Sports (Outdoor / Extreme) - SaaS - Sustainability - e-Learning

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Company - Legal Services for IT Companies

Area of Specialisation - Russian to English translation, localisation, SEO 

Project - Russian to English translation of marketing content, UX Consultation

Company - e-Learning site focussing on English language learning

Area of Specialisation - e-learning, SEO, Keyword Research

Project - SEO content strategy, Keyword Research for English-speaking market, UX Consultation

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Company - Adventure, Expedition & Remote Wilderness Film Production Specialists

Area of Specialisation - Sports (outdoor/extreme), Marketing, SEO, Keyword Research

Project - SEO, Keyword Research, Sales Pitch Preparation, Customer Profile Research

Company: i-Free develops projects in the IOT (Internet of Things) space: Artificial Intelligence, Foodtech & Fintech.

Area of Specialisation - Business, SOE/Keyword Research

Project - Russian to English translation / localisation, Keyword Research for English- speaking market, UX Consultation

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Company: Miles Ahead Motoring is a motoring channel for car reviews and opinions with written reviews posted in The London Economic

Area of Specialisation - Sports / Automotive

Project - Creating timed closed captions

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Company: Zillion Whales is a gaming company based in Russia

Area of Specialisation - Gaming, Marketing, SEO

Project - Translate and localise website

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Company - Management Consulting Training Company

Area of Specialisation - Management Consulting / e-Learning 

Project - Russian to English translation of Consulting Toolkit Q&As, CaseCoPilot content, 8 industry cases and coaching materials