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Do you feel like you can't predict which language services you'll need, until suddenly you need it yesterday?

One minute you need a German translator, the next you need a Dutch editor, and the next you need to ensure your staff are prepared in English for an upcoming international conference or an important sales pitch?


If so, then my Language Consultancy Services are for you. I offer market briefings helping identify growth opportunities and key cultural differences, enabling you to adapt your brand to another market. 


You won't need to worry about briefing several different language service providers on your branding, tone of voice or company values anymore, as I'll already be part of your Crowd!

Language consultancy is suitable for:



Multilingual termbases & memories

Product research

Translation teams



Conference preparation


Market research

Sales pitch proofreading & preparation



Background checks

Industry updates

Market & product research

Recruiting translation teams



Conference preparation

Market research

 The pitch preparation, proofreading of the pitch materials and questions posed during our chat, helped us realign our business and honestly so much more in general - with being more assertive with how we project ourselves. We landed a large global contract off the back of our meeting! 

Ellie Green, Summit Fever Media

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